The financial and economic department


Main functions:

• implementation of Federal Law No. 402-FZ of 06.12.2011 "On Accounting";

• formation of accounting policies in accordance with the legislation on accounting;

• drafting annual budget estimates for the budget allocations towards the maintenance of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tatarstan;

• ensuring full accounting of incoming finances, inventory, as well as timely reflection in the accounting of transactions related to their movement;

• implementation of accounting and statistical records, analysis of financial activities, implementation of budget estimates of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tatarstan, control the use of funds;

• ensuring the use of modern mechanization system and automation of accounting and computing operations, progressive forms and methods of accounting;

• ensuring and monitoring of financial discipline;

• charging and issuing wages, charging and timely transfer of payments and social taxes to the state budget;

• conducting, in accordance with established rules, inventory of cash, inventory, settlements and payment obligations;

• correction of accounts received in due time and repayment of payable accounts, observance of payment discipline;

• drawing up and submitting the balance sheet to the appropriate bodies and reports on the implementation of the cost estimate, other accounting and statistical reports, responsible for their reliability, quality and compliance with the deadlines for submission;

• ensuring the preservation of accounting documents, processing and transferring them in the established order to the archive of the Court;

• participation in the development of regulatory documents (orders, orders) on financial matters of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The financial and economic department
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